Formats, Sizes, Pricing & Product Information

Wholesale Pricing

We accept wholesale and retail clients: We are a wholesale nursery supplying wholesale and retail nurseries, landscape trades, landscape designers, architects, environmental consultants, community greening charities, not-for-profits,  non-profits.

*We welcome orders from retail clients, see retail prices on our catalogue page.


Product Information

Species Selection:

We grow mostly perennials, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and wetland plants, shrubs and small trees.

Hours of Operation:

HOURS 9:00 am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, EXCEPT SPRING OPEN HOUSES–Please make appointment before visiting.  Open houses when we have them will be listed here in spring:

May 31st 2024 11 am-5 pm

June 8th 2024 11 am-5 pm

June 15th 2024 11am -5 pm

We open May 6th for tree and shrub orders, and May 15th for perennial orders unless specifically negotiated for early plantings (will not guarantee plants that are not above ground or dormant prior to these dates).


Orders accepted year-round. See Wholesale Plant List page for instructions specific to retail, or wholesale ordering. 

*Please do not pre-pay*. We will confirm species availabilty, and pick up or delivery date shortly upon receipt of your order in a follow up email.

Early Orders (Pre-May) Pick up/ Delivery–

To help us manage space at nursery, please confirm pick up or delivery date with us of your early orders no later than by end of May. 

Restocking Charge–

Orders held for over 30 days that are cancelled are subject to a 30% restocking charge.


Post delivery– Sorry, we are not shipping any orders by post currently, that may change in future.  Instead, we have GTA drop off locations if you are closer to T.O., please inquire.

Truck delivery– provide a flat rate truck delivery of $120.00 within GTA to maximum size of order of $1200.00 in plants. Orders larger than $1200, or a longer trip than 150 km please inquire on shipping and handling price. For other locations, we will estimate per order.


Payment due upon receipt of invoice unless otherwise noted. Payment can be made by cash or cheque, or e-transfer payable to “Ontario Flora”.

Naturally Grown:

We use conventional potting soil, and thereafter use only natural style pest care and fertilizer. Upon occasion we will purchase plants from other reputable suppliers. In this case we cannot extend our naturally grown guarantee to these plants. For specifications, please inquire.

Reusing and Recycling:

We accept containers for reuse that are compatible with our standard container formats, and endeavour to use a minimum of 50% recycled pots.


Nursery Guarantees, Liabilities, Limitations:

  • Ontario Flora is making every effort to ensure wild plants retain their natural characteristics, and practice sustainable nursery production according to SER Ontario Grower’s Guidelines.
  • Some of our locally collected plant stock come from sources as north as Wiarton, ON, however most from the Grey Highlands area (100- 150 km north of Toronto) with some collected south to GTA.  Regionally specific species which occur out of area such as Tall Grass Prairie species, are sourced as per specific locale. We can provide the origin of all seed and stock sources to our customers if requested.
  • We are certified seed collectors as per Forest Gene Conservation Association for trees and shrubs and can contract collect and grow native plants for your project, including plugs if requested.
  • We do not ship outside of Ontario due to our focus on local genetic heritage.
  • Rare plants, some which we are confident originated from reputable local native plant sources, are nursery propagated with the intention of keeping their characteristics as wild adapted as possible. We do not collect rare plants from wild populations.
  • We guarantee that the plant is true to species, and will provide replacement to honour this commitment.
  • We guarantee plant health upon delivery, however cannot be responsible for growth thereafter for wholesale and retail nursery purchases.
  • An additional limited guarantee is possible for plants installed by Ontario Flora, please inquire for details.

Formats and Sizes

Pot Sizes
  • 1 gallon round, 6 per flat
  • 1 gallon square, 8 per flat
  • 3.5 inch pot, 18 per flat
  • 4.5 inch jumbo pot, 10 per flat

Seed packets and mixes per kg as per availability, listed in wholesale catalogue for prices and quantities

Additional cost for labels:

Our aim is to provide at least a great picture and info attractively presented for all these unique and little known plants.

For those who need labels on all plants, (not just one per flat) we can supply a photo and information label (sticker) for each pot for an extra .20 c per pot.