Sustainability and Native Plants

Native Plants

We have been working with native plants as designers and projects managers since 2003, and yes have learned a lot about their benefits and their marketing.

Here, soon, we will be adding a cited research document that will allow others to help market native plants too– we hope it could be great for others who are also applying for grants. We will also be adding some of this research to our Ontario Flora Facebook page and Instagram feeds.

Check back soon for more on this page!



Although just the right choice of plants can be great for the environment, reducing maintenance, fertilizers and energy, we also create landscapes that go the extra mile in other ways.

If clients are interested, we use water from downspouts, and using water technology like Aquablox, rain barrels and creating rain gardens.  Managing water flow can be done safely and effectively, cutting watering of gardens down to almost zero.  All of this is a win-win for homeowners, saving money and time.

There are many roads towards sustainability we can create with clients. From implementing the latest research on Mycorrhiza fungi, to invasive species management, to learning about creating rooftop garden spaces, to creating your own horticultural project with native plants for community gardens. Other eco designs include food forests, eco-hedgrows, bio-swale– we have worked on many.

Ontario Flora can provide a unique and in depth understanding of sustainability with native plants. We can create a plans to enhance the sustainability and therefore the success of your projects in both residential and wild areas.

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