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We do landscape design with native plants for everyone who wants it.

Most importantly, we believe that for many consulting projects in Landscape Design, especially if it is a park, a community hub, or a wild place being restored by community partners, it is often not just a landscape expert who is needed and some construction labourers install the project. This is why native plant landscape design often involves a different approach for us.

For Charities, NGO’s and Schools:

Depending upon the situation, we support and help others learn to create ecological landscapes for their community.  Community projects create benefits for the health of people, and the environment everywhere. Our most important service is to help our clients help communities in their discovery of nature, and to make ecological and social change in our neighbourhoods, our province, and on a global scale. We add human resources, a partner to create funding projects, to give expert help where there may limited funds for hiring full time or even part time staff. (To learn more, see our community greening page).

For residential and commercial clients:

No less needy of help to understand native plants and how they might work in their gardens, we want to provide ecological alternatives to exotic plants using the greatest arsenal of design expertise we can muster. We are excellent designers of wild and built landscapes. Although ecosystem restoration is part of our expertise, we are also very interested in using native plants as a contemporary design palette, in innovative ways. Our mandate is to make pleasing designs that do not use mostly exotic plants. We want to provide the skills to create wonderfully contemporary gardens for homeowners across Southern Ontario using mostly native plants.

Why not use all natives (because we appreciate them so much), or pressure clients to do that?

Flexibility is needed to allow for people to choose their perfect garden. In our 17 years of experience, it is best done not through an all or nothing approach but through compromise. One day, even if 50% of the square footage of all gardens were wild adapted native plants (currently they are about 90% exotic species), this would be an incredible feat! Simply, we hope to work together with everyone interested in native plants to provide the most incredible results for their landscapes. There should be no need to compromise with native plants.

We provide for residential clients:

  • We will accept design commissions that are 60% or more native plants
  • Urban landscapes, small or large properties
  • Private or public gardens and retreats
  • Commercial projects, i.e. consulting to green commercial properties including coordinating with charities
  • Rural landscapes and acreages with sensitive habitats
  • Installation of our projects with our own labour where applicable (depending on project scope)
  • Project management for subcontractors for larger projects
  • Hourly consultation
  • Landscape construction ‘hardscape’ projects must be planned with lots of plants, and with ecologically sustainable components and/ or ecological functions to be within our niche


Inquire for more information on our design services, and how we can work with you to develop and implement your project.


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