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We accept wholesale and retail clients: We are a wholesale nursery supplying mainly to contractors, landscape designers, charities and non profits, other nurseries, and retail outlets.

*We welcome orders from retail clients, however a markup of 100% applies, or, wholesale pricing applies when over 10 per species.

Reduced rates for non profits: Reduced rates of 20% for plants for schools, charitable organizations, and non profits.


Species Selection: We grow mostly perennials, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and wetland plants, shrubs and small trees.

Hours of Operation: HOURS 9:00 am to 6:00 pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, EXCEPT SATURDAY SPRING OPEN HOUSES–Please make appointment before visiting.  Open houses when we have them will be listed here in spring.

Ordering: Orders accepted year-round. Please order with us by listing plant name, quantity, and format (size of pot) requested. *No minimum pick-up order. The minimum plant order for delivery is $400.00. We require 48 hours to process orders.

Delivery:  We provide a flat rate delivery of $100.00 (1/2 price at 50.00) within GTA to maximum size of order of $1200.00 in plants. Orders larger than $1200, or a longer trip than 300 km, please inquire on shipping and handling price. For other locations, delivery price is estimated, however similar to the above.

Payments: Payment due upon receipt of invoice unless otherwise noted. Payment can be made by cash or cheque, or e-transfer payable to “Ontario Flora”.

Naturally Grown: We use conventional potting soil (as of 2022 organic), and thereafter use only natural style pest care and fertilizer. Upon occasion we will purchase plants from other suppliers. In this case we cannot extend our naturally grown guarantee to these plants. If you do require only our growing specifications, please inquire prior to your purchase to ensure satisfaction.

Reusing and Recycling: We will readily accept containers to be recycled that are compatible with the standard native plant formats, and endeavour to use a minimum of 50% recycled pots.

Additional cost for labels: The cost of label making for uncommon or wild plants is more expensive. We make our own labels therefore. Our aim is to provide at least a great picture and info attractively presented for all these unique and little known plants. All customers at minimum,  receive a free sticker plant label for each species purchased, unless specified.

For those who need labels on all plants, we can supply a photo and information label (sticker) for each pot, plus 1 ‘We are pollinator friendly’ tag per flat (so 1 per 18 3.25″ pots, one for each 10 jumbo pots or 1 for every 6 gallon pots). These are 20 cents per label depending upon your order which we will add to your estimate.

Here are the ‘We are pollinator friendly’ tags, below:


These are our labels below:


Nursery Guarantees, Liabilities, Limitations:



Note, please see the wholesale *plant catalogue PDF above* for the most updated list of what we carry.

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