Sustainability and Native Plants

Native Plants

We try to achieve the best in landscape design, through a new lens, using native plants wherever possible.  We create cutting edge design with these still ‘new’ and rare beauties.

We try to use as many as possible in our designs.  We use many popular plants that people didn’t know were native plants, and others that are not known, but should be.


JUST native plants?

We do welcome other plants other than native plants although native plants is what we specialize in. We will work with an existing garden, or a clean slate.



Although just the right choice of plants can be great for the environment, reducing maintenance, fertilizers and energy, we also create gardens and landscapes that go the extra mile in other ways.

If clients are interested, one way we have been focusing our efforts is by using water from downspouts, and using water technology like Aquablox, rain barrels and creating rain gardens.  Managing water flow can be done safely and effectively, cutting watering of gardens down to almost zero.  All of this is a win-win for homeowners, saving money and time.


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