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(Please see wholesale plant list for our plant selection. Note: Suggested retail prices below apply only to quantities under 10 per species. For farmer’s markets where we are traveling to sell retail, there may be slight additions to these prices to reflect this additional cost. For 10 or more, see wholesale catalogue prices)

        Regular Pot Prices                          Slow Growing Species

        3.25″ (4 “) pots- $4.50                  Ferns 3.25″ (4”)- $7.00

4.25″ pots- $8.00                             Ferns 4.25″- $9.50

  1 gal pots- $12.00                             Ferns 1 gal- $15.00

 Plugs- 2.60                                         Other  3.25″- $7.00

                                                                    Other 4.25″- $9.50

Reduced rates for non profits: Reduced rates for landscape consultation and plants for schools, charitable organizations, and non profits. Plants at 2.25 for a 3.25″ (4″) pot



Species Selection: Perennials with attention to ferns and woodland.  Also grasses, sedges, a smaller selection of shrubs, and eventually many wetland/ aquatic plants.

Hours of Operation: Open starting April 15, Monday- Sunday 9-6 pm. NEW!! Wholesale and retail pick up by appointment starting June 1st, otherwise, delivery only. Emails and phone calls accepted at any time.

-REGARDING PICK UP/ RETAIL HOURS–Please call and make appointment before coming. Otherwise we are many Saturdays at the Flesherton Farmer’s Market, 8am-1pm meeting customers. 

Delivery: Delivery price is .51/ km gas and mileage charge with maximum $100.00 within GTA with an order between $250-600.00. If we can set a time we are in the GTA anyway, to minimize gas consumption, we will do deliveries at ½ price listed above.

Naturally Grown: We use conventional potting soil, and thereafter use only natural style pest care and fertilizer.

Reusing and Recycling: We will readily accept containers to be recycled that are compatible with the standard native plant formats. We would love to negotiate for pots!

Labeling: We are have designed a colour label for our pots for retail to nurseries.

Nursery Guarantees, Liabilities, Limitations: Ontario Flora is making every effort to ensure wild plants retain their natural characteristics, and practice sustainable nursery production according to SER Ontario Grower’s Guidelines. Rare plants, and some which we are confident originated from reputable wild adapted and local native plant sources, are nursery propagated. We can provide the origin of all seed and stock sources to our customers if requested. We guarantee that the plant is true to species, and will provide replacement to honour this commitment. We guarantee plant health and vigor upon delivery, however cannot be responsible for the conditions of growth thereafter for wholesale and retail nursery purchases. An additional limited guarantee is possible for plants installed by Ontario Flora, please inquire for details.

Payments: Payment due upon receipt of invoice unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include HST. Payment can be made by cash or cheque, payable to “Ontario Flora”.


Click on an image below for the common name of some of the plants we are and will be selling this year.

Note, that the clickable wholesale plant catalogue PDF above is the full list of what we carry– please please refer to that document for the most recently updated plant list.


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